What People Say

“Dr. Blake has been doing an amazing job with my adjustments, and my spine is starting to move like a healthy spine should! With my job as an RN, I am frequently lifting and moving my patients around, and even with proper body mechanics, it is still a strain on my body, especially my back. I am also always up on my feet walking around at work on a hard surface. I have experienced some severe pain in my right foot, and it turns out my right knee was the source of that pain in my foot, so Dr. Blake adjusted my knee. I was so surprised and relieved after that pain went away! Dr. Blake does an amazing job at explaining what is going wrong and how he is going to fix it!”   – Tanna (23)


“The round ligament pain from my growing pregnant belly feels so much better after only one adjustment since the pain started! My daughter is also happy the “germs” are gone from her back!” – Megan (27)


“I wasn’t happy with my prescription hormonal medication side effects so Dr. Blake prescribed several replacement supplements for me to take. I feel so much better. I definitely recommend.” – Gina (50)


“I have struggled with migraines for several years and after just a few adjustments I began to see a decrease in the amount of migraines I got, along with a decrease in their severity.” – Katie (26)